Commercial loan contracts and their translation

Commercial loan contracts translation services

Commercial loan contracts refer to situations where one party hands over a non-expendable thing to another, to be used for a set period of time before it is returned.

This kind of contract should distinguish between a gratuitous loan or loan of money etc. – the basic condition is to return another thing of the same kind and quality, (i.e. a loan), which may or may not be paid with interest.

There are many areas in which commercial loan contracts need to be translated; they are basically limited to monetary loans by financial institutions.

A loan application needs to be translated into the source language to ensure that the borrower is aware of the terms and conditions of the contract and accepts them, especially in cases where interest has to be paid on these loans.

In the same way, the translation of commercial loan contracts is likely to be required in transactions involving transfers or purchase and sales in which financial entities grant a specific monetary amount to a foreign citizen in the form of credit, which is used by the latter to purchase a particular product or service.

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