Publishing contracts and their translation

Publishing contracts legal translation services

Literature is not exempt from negotiation and commercialisation processes. That is why publishing contracts have emerged to regulate the purchase and sale of this kind of work.

This mechanism refers to a meeting of minds between the author of an intellectual or artistic work and the publisher, whereby the former undertakes to deliver a work to the latter which in turn undertakes to reproduce, distribute, and sell it, and to pay economic consideration to the former.

The publishing contract has been governed by legal provisions since the 17th century. It was actually incorporated as an autonomous mechanism in that period as, up to that point, the term "publish" did not establish any obligation between parties. This was because such words did not contain a determination of the benefit, and this absence of determination prevented the establishment of a mandatory legal relationship.

Publishing contracts now identify two fundamental figures, the author, who is the owner of a right in relation to the intellectual work, and the editor, who reproduces the work by printing or data message. The commercial players affected by this kind of document include bookstores, publishing companies, and typographers.

Along these lines, and not only in spite of technological advances but also as a result thereof, the translation of publishing contracts is necessary because of the volume of publishable manuscripts received by these establishments, which may be drafted in the same target language of the members of the publishing companies, which does not always match the one used by the authors.

That is why to connect author and publisher the publishing contract must be translated into a language shared by both parties to the agreement.

Furthermore, publishing contracts are often concluded between publishing companies and authors based in different countries, which is why the translation of the publishing contract connects the two parties and facilitates their understanding.

For that reason, any publishing companies and authors who would like to have their publishing contracts translated should engage the services of translation agencies and professionals whose work is delivered with a guarantee of quality and to the agreed submission deadline.