Commercial purchase and sale contracts and their translation

Commercial purchase and sale contracts translation services

The purchase and sale contract is the most commonly encountered commercial contract. These contracts establish an obligation for a seller to make goods available to a buyer.

It should be taken into consideration that any delay in delivery should not be deemed a total breach of contract, although the buyer may request the termination of the contract and seek compensation for damages.

Moreover, the seller should also be aware that he is only unencumbered by the risks of loss related to the product covered by the purchase and sale contract when he makes goods available or delivers them to the buyer.

The buyer is bound by the fundamental obligation to pay the price of the goods. The commercial purchase and sale therefore establishes the payment obligation at the time at which the goods are made available to the buyer or if the agreed period has elapsed.

Purchase and sale contracts establish an obligation for the buyer to receive the purchased goods, which may only be prevented if there is just cause, i.e. faults affecting the goods or the purchased product or service does not comply with the agreed quality or quantity. Thus, any rejection of goods by the buyer without just cause constitutes a breach of contract, which is why the seller may also seek fulfilment of obligations under the relevant document, as well as compensation.

Although the translation of purchase and sale contracts is not compulsory, it is very useful to the corresponding companies that request it and to organisations that offer it.

In order to facilitate and appropriately develop transactions, the translation of such contracts is an additional service that can be offered to clients. However, clients should be aware that documents of this kind should be translated by professionals whose work comes with a guarantee of quality.

The relevant work has to be scheduled accordingly and should comply with the form; the translation professional must also ensure that effective communication is maintained with clients.